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Abs Workout in 28 Days-home ab & core fitness plan

Abs Workout in 28 Days-home ab & core fitness plan
Version: 1.6
Android version: 4.0


This fitness app provides you an scientific and effective Abs workout plan. It instructs you to burn the belly fat and tone your abdominal muscles. You can easily do this at home whenever or wherever you want with no equipment. It just takes you a few minutes everyday. After 28 days, you can shape a sexy body and strengthen your abs. Don’t hesitate and take actions right now!

💪Effective and safe Abs lessons offered by professional fitness trainer.
💃Lifelike animations simulate from real person.
🔑Refined exercise description to get the key of the action more easily.
🕘Customized reminder to remind you of the Abs time everyday.
🔥Record the calories expenditure and training progress automatically.

28 Days Abs Workout Lessons
We provides a scientific and systematic fitness workout routines with you. It contains different exercises everyday so that you’ll not get bored and feel fresh everyday. A test with good r
Download Abs Workout in 28 Days-home ab & core fitness plan v1.6

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