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Love Star - the Mansion (Mod)

Love Star - the Mansion (Mod)
Version: 1.61
Category: Simulation, Mod
Android version: 4.4+


💕Get ready for the best text based love story gameˇ!

💕Get ready for a completely new experience of choose your story games enriched with chat based gameplay! Be the first one to try Love Star - The Mansion, a revolutionary texting based adventure game, and see what makes a unique love story filled with real determining choices and completely different paths. This fabulous romance game perfectly combines elements of mystery, suspense, true friendship, love, fame and celebrity. Download this free interactive text story game and enjoy making crucial choices while you try to face one of the most difficult challenges and surprises that the Love Mansion has in store for you. Your texting messages adventure starts NOW!

💕Texting story with multiple endings and various outcomes! 💕


💕Make choices to create your own story!
💕Customize your social network « Instagrum » with the photos of your choice!
💕Unlock premium choices in this custome love story to dis
Download Love Star - the Mansion (Mod) v1.61
On our site you can download mod apk for game Love Star - the Mansion (Mod)
Download Love Star - the Mansion (Mod) v1.61.apk

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