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Bankrupt Demon King (Mod)

Bankrupt Demon King (Mod)
Version: 19.23
Category: Role Playing, Mod
Android version: 4.4+


Bankrupt Demon King –  an action RPG with meditative gameplay, cartoonish style and intricate storytelling that includes protecting the kingdom, fighting evil, and searching for princesses in dragon castles. The developers from EOAG Games crossed thousands of ideas and hundreds of sketches, but, oddly enough, the story does not look too oversaturated with details. Quite the opposite - moving through the world of Bankrupt Demon King resembles an onion losing its extra husk. Once - and ahead of an unexpected discovery, another second - and an unexpected victory and a new record. And half an hour later, there will be a chance to take possession of a new mansion. Well, isn't it a miracle?

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