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The Great Ottomans - Strategy Battle for Throne

The Great Ottomans - Strategy Battle for Throne
Version: 1.0.3
Category: Strategy
Android version:4.0.3


☆The first mobile MMORTS based on the Ottoman Empire☆
☆A strategy based SLG where skills, rather than gold, lead to victory☆
Take a journey through time to the middle of the 15th Century as the fledgling Ottoman Empire establishes its hold on the Turkish heartlands; a young, fearless, powerful Kingdom bursting onto the global scene with a point to prove. As a Lord in the emerging Ottoman Empire you must train troops, research technology, collect resources, slay monsters, develop your castle, and form steadfast alliances. As the empire prepares to expand, you must prepare for war!
Bringing the shock and awe of medieval battles to phones worldwide for players to experience themselves, with uniquely Turkish troops, buildings, landscapes and castles, a vivid portrait of the Ottoman Empire will be brought to life for players to enjoy. Possessing an exquisite design style with HD graphics and a rich weather system, allowing players to experience blizzards, sandstorms, squa
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