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DIY Fashion Star - Design Hacks Clothing Game

DIY Fashion Star - Design Hacks Clothing Game
Версия: 1.0.4
Категория: Ролевые
Версия Android: 4.1


Move over, DIY girls! There’s a new DIY Fashion Designer Queen in town - yes, that’s right - YOU!!! Jazz up your wardrobe with amazing stylish DIY projects! Dress up in your restyled outfits and show off your DIY fashion designer talent on your video channel - gain a huge fan base!

You’re about to blow the world away with all of your fabulously stylish DIY fashion design skills and get creative with superfun DIY dress up projects. Use your imagination and turn your ordinary clothes into OMG-to-die-for stylish DIY dress up outfits! Got a boring old blouse? Reshape it, style it, decorate it, and make it a trendy new tanktop! Take selfies with your stylish new outfits and creations and compete in selfie contests! Run your own fashion designer channel and post videos of your DIY outfits. Take requests from your followers.

> Complete awesome DIY fashion design dress up clothing projects - turn your boring old clothes into amazing new outfits!
> Cut out p
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